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Why you need a model in your music videos.

What are music videos without models? I guess the real question is what are the benefits of having models in music videos?

earpluguk models

Being glamorous with the camera’s attention focused on you and wearing outfit catching the audience's eyes, doesn't come natural to us all. That's why having a professional music model in your videos can become beneficial. After all the models are more than eye candy they’re there to help promote the video just as using social media does. Furthermore, models aren’t only there to look good, they can also help promote new brands related to the artists. Brand marketing in music videos is  another form of promotion linked to the video its self, so whether it be the artists own brand or something more trendy such as Nike or Northface you can guarantee the models will add to how memorable the video is. But, not every model just stands there looking pretty, some act, some can dance but most importantly they’re all available to book professionally. So how do you get them for your videos? Well lucky for you, EarplugUK have their own models ready for you to book. We use professional models who have been on videos such as;

NSG- Roadblock

Popcaan- Skeleton Cartier

S1mba- Twice

Just to name a few. 

Follow us @earpluguk and dm us should you need more information regarding pricing and availability

Stay Plugged.


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